Fuel Surcharge (FSC)

Effective from 5th May 2022
(until further notice)

Current FSC: £0.40/kg | €0.50/kg | $0.50/kg

We recently implemented a fuel surcharge (based on chargeable weight) to counteract unprecedented price increases in aviation fuel in recent months.


The idea behind a fuel surcharge is to offer a flat fee that enables the cost of fuel to be added to transportation costs. A fair, constant fuel surcharge is produced by averaging the cost of moving products, which airlines may employ to account for changing fuel costs.


To keep it simple, every week we monitor the cost of jet fuel for our flights and adjust the fuel surcharge accordingly (based on an index). In this regard, the fuel surcharge can rise or fall depending on the market. This strategy enables us to ensure that our services continue to be viable while still accurately reflecting market conditions.

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